A little about the founders of the Company . . .

We created indigo talent in order to spend time in and contribute to an industry we are really passionate about.

From fashion to running a wash-room advertising business via floristry, marketing, media and writing, our personal backgrounds have been diverse, colourful and rich before both choosing a career in headhunting within established international firms. An introduction from a mutual candidate and a meeting of minds led to us join forces and build indigo. Television was a natural choice as we both enjoy the intricacies of the business side and working with inspirational people everyday.

We love our jobs! What could be more rewarding than the opportunity to add value to our client’s business through the introduction of exceptional talent, or the chance to help our candidates to develop their career in innovative and exciting new directions.

Jude Thompson & Claudia Downes


Joining the team in April 2016, Emily brings her rich experience from inside the world of production and broadcast. From her first job working at Channel 4 on the early series of Big Brother, she then spent 10 years playing key role at Betty, a fast expanding and successful Indie under the leadership of Liz Warner. As Head of Talent, Emily was responsible for identifying and evaluating key creative talent who would contribute to the significant growth of Betty and was lucky enough to work with some of the best talent in the business. A calling to have a change of scene and uproot to LA with her family coincided with the expansion of Betty over there. Becoming an independent headhunter she worked with many US and UK Indies before returning to London town and finding a home within Indigo Talent.